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Home/Teaware/Gold Pendant Handmade Clay Pot

Gold Pendant Handmade Clay Pot

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Material: Yixing Clay
Hand Crafted

The Truth: A quality Yixing pot made with clay from the Jiangsu Provice, done with a decorative flair. As with all Yixing pots, only one type of tea should be brewed in it throughout its life, and never washed with soap.

Dirty Lies: Buying a true Yixing pot in the West can be a crap-shoot. All too often people selling pots overseas will label anything red - brown as Yixing, completely disregarding the region & quality of clay as well as the expertise of potter that is necessary for a true Yixing. Imitation is so intertwined in these pots' history that in the late 17th century even European Delftware manufacturers started copying and pawning off "red teapots".