Our first Crypto & Tea Event was a Great Success!

We have determined that there is enough interest in Crypto and Tea to start a weekly group, but that organization will take time, especially for times while I (Daniel) am away (Soon).
The first Crypto and Tea had a strong showing from our community, local SF, people who are new to the area, and who drove from outer bay areas. The appeal was heavily influenced by the fact that it was a "Tea Event" according to 3 people who were in my circle.

Things to note:

  • Crypto and Tea will broaden our age and socioeconomic audience
  • Less traditional tea focus more topic focus makes the event more scalable without loss in quality
  • Crypto & Tea is complementary to our personal and business goals
The average age was higher than the average age of our average events. This is probably because older people tend to have more money than younger people.
I have had small frustrations in thinking about how to cater to dating needs along with common perceptions around age stereotypes when thinking about how to scale Immodestea.
I am excited about Crypto and Tea being our first scalable event which will draw people from fundamentally different communities than those that I am cultivating actively. I think the benefit here is obvious.
We tried a few different things at Crypto and Tea.
First of all we deemphasized and centralized the gongfucha aspect from each table to one table of gongfucha and three tables with a server and decanters of prepared tea. In this way we lost no value in terms of entertainment or quality while simplifying volunteer duties.
One presenter (in this case me) spoke to the room in a Q&A format. Presenters would be allowed to present before Q&A or present Questions to the audience in order to start a facilitated group discussion.
Future meet ups can have  lightning talks, longer presentations, panel discussions, and video conference with experts from around the world.
Sell toilets!   

Just kidding.

(but seriously, thanks to TOTO we will be able to pay speakers and provide high quality content instead of pay rent! Buy a toilet! Tell a friend! ;) )

Sell Tea!


While we are excited to share our favorite tea, and our up in coming Tea Taster Club, our primary goal is to educate people about what is happening in the world; what is happening in our city; and how we can interact with what is happening to improve the lives of ourselves, our community, and every sentient being (wherever our actions effect theirs).

In fact, we realized after the event that we could have set up a vending area and would probably have sold some Tea Master Clubs.
Next time we will bring tea to sell. 

More specifically, in terms of action items, our objective is to educate individuals and local business owners about how they may be able to profit from the emerging crypto-economy; and to create a community which supports an each-one-teach-one educational network.

The extremely broad goal to create a bridge between postmodern WEIRD culture* and the economic traditions of friends and loved ones (who have been abused by traditional economy by virtue of their marginal to low socioeconomic status) will be addressed by Immodestea and TeaCoin and other by other cryptocurrencies which allow small business (and personal) networks to thrive more independent of political and economic turmoil. 


Personal Aside
I became interested in economy because of tea, and I became interested in politics because of economy, and I became interested in cryptocurrency because of politics, and now I am using cryptocurrency to deepen my passion for tea.
My personal goal is to be on site throughout the production my favorite teas while hanging out with the beautiful people who create such beautiful product in such beautiful places! 

*WEIRD Culture is a sociological term which means Western Educated Industrialized Rich and Democratic Culture. 

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