The Subversive Soiree

The Subversive Soiree

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What: THE Space to Celebrate Sexual diversity
Where: Catalyst 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco SF
When: 7:30 PM - 11:30 AM Every Thursday Until Christmas!

The Subversive Soiree is bringing together the best of San Francisco's various sex positive communities under one roof. These gay, queer, lesbian, drag, trans, non-binary, straight cis vanilla, burlesque, play party, kink, and shibari communities are all amazing in themselves and don’t have nearly enough overlap. Let’s come together as friends, freaks and allies to celebrate our human sexual diversity through cuddling, dancing, performance, drinking tea, and more. 

For those of you who loved Shibari & Tea, this is like Immodestea's Shibari & Tea 3.0! There is still a workshop component, and now so much more.

This is a sexy event - not a sex event. Please follow all the Guidelines.
7:30 Doors Open & Tea Service Begins
7:45-8:30 Beginner Friendly Shibari Workshop
10:00 Weekly Changing Performance
10:30 Music Bumps for More Dancing
11:30 Event ends
Performance Calendar
11/16 Thursday - Tequila Ray Snorkel
11/30 Thursday - Burlesque Bonanza
12/7 Thursday - Louisa Shibari PhotoZone
12/14 Thursday - Burlesque Bonanza
12/21 Thursday - Song & Dance like a Kat
Want to be a performer? Let us know!
Know a lot of people in one area of performance and want to help make this magic happen? Let us know!
$15 more than 1 week before the event
$20 week of
$25 door
$45 support the artists
$60 online four pass ($75 at door), used any time for any people
Volunteering: Follow all checklist steps on our website to join our volunteer community for this event and get free entry!
If you need a cheaper ticket, please facebook message Stephen Tranovich and we'll get you through the door, no questions asked!