About Us

In Historian Schivelbusch's book Tastes of Paradise he tells how the switch from beer to coffee as the common day drink kickstarted the industrial revolution. It turns out a society on uppers is more productive than one on a downer buzz. Today industry too often exploits our planet and our people. We are in need of another shift, one of balance.

Tea (camellia sinesis) is one of 60 plants that contain caffeine, and is the only plant in the world to contain L-Theanine, a chemical compound which promotes "relaxation without sedation". A naturally balanced beverage, is it wild to say drinking tea could change the world? Maybe. That's why we do tea and more.

Our Tea

We spent years travelling Asia, meeting interesting people and studying this stunning plant. Every leaf we source comes through our close friendships in the countries where the teas are harvested.  

Our Impact

Our most valued business metric is literally "Lives Changed". We focus on people first, profits second, no matter what. Some of the ways we are do that include:

- Working with local artists & activists to put on our unique selection of events
- Paring local, contemporary art with our tea subscriptions
- Sponsoring educational video series around tea and other topics

Every Tea Subscription and Event Attendance supports Art and Education in the above ways. Join to the tea revolution!