About Us Old

Immodestea is the collaboration of an Engineer and a Tea Master who want to see a The World grow. It's a brilliant planet on which we live, and we want others to learn, feel, see, and especially taste that. In helping people experience and create the world of the future, we are dedicated to 3 major values: Quality, Information and Community.


More quality means more beauty in the world. Immodestea promises to offer the most skillfully cultivated, highest quality teas in North America and beyond. And, at fair prices. We blind taste test our teas against other brands to ensure you get more flavor per dollar than other sources.


Curiosity is the lifeblood of excitement and growth. Learning stuff if fun, and there is a lot to learn about tea. There is also a lot of wrong information in the tea world. We look to always be an honest source of information and to do so in a way that is always enjoyable.


Immodestea started as a way to bring more community and connections in the world. We just found tea to be the best way to do it. We host and collaborate with some of the most interesting events in Northern California, and are expanding all the time. Mixing education with community dedication, we hope people will receive from us the knowledge and confidence to host their own tea-based gatherings throughout the world and bring more connection into their lives.

The Team

Daniel is the Brains

Many years Daniel lived in China, studying tea, and training his palette. Needless to say, he has a dense network throughout China which he sources high quality tea of all sorts. He's served tea everywhere - look at him serving on the moon!
Immodest tea expert, masseur, philosopher, political theorist, yogi

Stephen is the Beauty

Keeping smiles on people's faces is this individual's forte. By using their Engineering mindset they design engaging products, managing outstanding events, and generally pushing things ever forward. Look at them serenade that tieguanyin!
Immodest engineer, musician, fire dancer, meditation leader, LED artist

Together we thank you for supporting Immodestea and bringing more beauty into the world!