Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your tea?
All of our teas come to us directly from Asia, primarily Taiwan and different regions throughout China, the country with the deepest and most varied tea traditions. Like Wine, tea is largely about location and climate. Daniel spent many years living in and studying tea, so we source everything through long-standing friendships with people who live their lives in the heart of the tea world.

Why are all of your teas caffeinated?
Teas have caffeine in the same way that Wine has alcohol. Non-caffeinated (or herbal) teas are like grape juice - tasty, but an altogether different experience. Tea leaf teas are a whole world in themselves, affecting your mind, body, soul and taste buds in ways unmatched.

I'm a coffee person. What's so good about tea?
Tea has a ton of health benefits, ranging from antioxidants to anti-aging properties, that blow coffee out of the (hot) water. Tea has more variation in flavor, allowing you to appeal to your tastes more precisely. It is also a more hydrating and balanced beverage, so if you're drinking it all day you won't get a headache or the jitters. Switching is a healthy choice. But if you must have your coffee... tea is good and good for you, why not drink both?

Tea Master Club

How much tea is included in each box?
Each box will give you Eight to Twelve perfectly crafted pots or mugs of tea. Resteep these leaves for an additional 40 to 60 delicious brews. How much tea you drink each month depends entirely on what you want out of your experience.

What if I don't like my tea this month?
If you don't like your tea for any given month, we'll send you some tea you know you like, free of charge. But all these teas are so delicious the odds of this happening to you are slim to none.

Is it really worth $40 a month?
You decide! Join the Tea Master Club, and if after your first month you decide it's not worth the cover price just email us and we'll refund your order. Sign up for the Tea Master Club risk free.