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"Providing the endlessly curious and the unwaveringly refined with the highest quality tea & tea products."

There is a lot of misinformation in the tea world. And, there’s a lot of really boring tea stuff. Immodestea is here to change both.

This funky tea company supplies some of the highest quality Chinese teas in North America, and they aren’t humble about it. They’ll tell you in great detail why what you’re drinking is damn good tea, and that’s one of their main draws. Immodestea’s Tea of the Month Club is as educational as it is delicious, diving members into a different variety of tea each month. Learning should be fun, they say, so they do it with a bit of pizzaz. Pop.

Daniel & Stephen fell in love with tea not only for it’s fragrance and buzz, but also for it’s ability to bring people together. They bring old tea culture to a whole new world, providing unique & connective tea spaces to big festivals, local events, and even corporate conferences throughout the Pacific Northwest - and beyond. Because people around a tea tray feel a sense of freedom to share and connect that’s needed more and more these days.

By focusing on incredible tea and even better people, Immodestea uses gongfu to catalyze community and encourages you not to be shy about who you are, where you are, or what you’re good at.
Be Immodest.
Our past collaborators include:

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