Volunteer Thursday Shibari and Tea, SF

Volunteer must either arrive one hour early or stay one hour late. 

  • Setup: 3 volunteers. Requires showing up 1 hour early.
  • Clean Up: 3 volunteers. Stay 1 hour late.

In addition to Set Up and Clean Up you must take another task.

  • Door: 1 volunteer. Requires good hearing and staying near the door to greet guests as they arrive.
  • Knot Guidance: 2 volunteers. Requires communication with our Shibari Master about the weeks Knot and showing up early enough learn the knot and helping new friends learn new tricks.
  • Tea: 2 volunteers. Serve tea to guests.
  • Model: 1 volunteer. This position is only available at the request of the Shibari Master.

Message Us in order to find out more about volunteer positions!