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Anji Green Tea

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Anji Green Tea

  • Location: Anji, Zhe Jiang
  • Elevation: 500m

This tea is excellent for the price because while it is a spring tea from a prized growing region it has not been hand shaped into perfect spears. Without this labor cost the price is significantly reduced with arguably no loss in tea quality.

Traditional Anji Baicha is sometimes called White Longjing because it is flattened like Dragon Well and made from a varietal which was previously used for white tea. While it is called "White Tea" it is actually processed like a green tea.

Green Tea

This style of tea is characterized by the green hue of the tea liquor which is caused by the low oxidation levels of the chlorophyll in the leaves. A process translated as “fixing” or “kill green” flash heats the leaves mere hours after they are picked and before they start what is often called “enzymatic browning”.