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Love Feast

Price: $35.00
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What: Love Feast and Tea Social
Where: Mango Dome @ 30 Laskie Street, in SoMa San Francisco
When: Tuesday August 22nd, Love Feast starts at 8pm
Time: 7PM - 11PM
Why: We love you!

Tickets Will Not Be Sold At The Door!
Supply is very limited. This will be a small, intimate event.
Discount and Early Bird tickets are for anyone who feels that they need a break. 

- Immodestea Presents -

~ A Love Feast is one in which you can only be fed by others, and others can only be fed by you ~

This encourages us to practice verbal and non-verbal communication to express what we want and like. In this environment we can become masters at asking for consent and and receiving consent being asked for in a low risk environment - learning to give and receive an empowered Yes or No.

Tea is included in the ticket price, sourced and served by Immodestea in our unique style designed to further foster connections. We will also be providing sensual, tasty treats to feed each other.

Join us at the Mango Dome, an intimate venue in SOMA, to delight in high quality teas with high quality humans who share your interest in connecting with many others on a deep level. Tickets are limited, so we suggest getting yours in advance.

This is a one off event from our regular Poly Tea Time series, which offers a chance to connect with others in the poly community in a sensual (read: "non-sexual") sober environment. This event is for the poly, the poly curious, and also just anyone who enjoys connection and authenticity in this container we co-create.

We are excited and delighted to feed your hearts and mouths soon! ~

Volunteers should pick up a "Volunteer" ticket on the ticket page and Message Immodestea to sign up for volunteer shifts.

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