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modernMonoChrome - Quick Change Mask

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Prone to Wrinkles.
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☆ Wax Print
☆ Tight Weave

√ Premium quality cotton
√ Hand-sewn (each item is unique)
√ Washable & reusable
√ Comfortable for sensitive ears and skin
√ Easy to wear
√ One size fits most
√ Quick Change

♡ Adult Mask
♡ 2 layers
♡ Hand wash cold, hang dry

Reasons for discount:

1. Wrinkles too easily. (10% Off)

2. Under fold can be seen in some lighting. (20% Off)


How To Use
1. Hold mask by straps
2. Place mask over nose & mouth & place strap behind head
3. Tighten toggle on strap
4. Wash & sterilize the mask after each use.

Care Instructions
• Store fresh masks in a fresh bag.
• Wet or dirty masks should go in a plastic bag.
• Hand wash or machine wash in cold water. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. HANG DRY ONLY. Reshape and lay flat to dry.
• Washing machine safe, preferably within a small protective bag.

For best practices, please follow the CDC guidelines.


Whether you are facing a constant stream of customers, or moving between the front and back of house, our unique "quick change" design is well suited for professionals who need to change masks regularly - looking perfect every time.

We use premium quality tightly woven yet highly breathable cotton made for comfort against the skin.

With a shortage of surgical masks and respirators for healthcare workers cloth masks are the front line against the global Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the CDC, "Everyone 2 years of age and older should wear a mask in public settings and when they are around people who do not live in their household."

Professionals should replace masks every four hours. Which is why, quick and easy easy to change, washable personal protective equipment is crucial to a healthy day.

Quick Change masks are best for people who need to change masks often, but they are designed to fit properly for long periods under normal working conditions.
According to the CDC to fit properly means, "snugly around the nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face".