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Fact: The original black tea comes from Tongmu Village in the Wuyi Mountains (Wuyishan) in China, and was smoked. The area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the trees are now legally protected. Very little Wuyi tea is smoked these days.

Fiction: In the mystical land of the Lapu Mountains - Mr. Li's army of Golden Monkeys pick only the finest teas, to be processed by magic elves for your delight!

Fact: The Original Black Tea is called (in Chinese) Proper Mountain Small Variety (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong; 正山小种). English speakers call it Lapsang Souchong... Trying to figure that one out while just starting to look for tea in China was awkward...

Fiction: After nine days rule as queen, Lady Jane Grey ascended to heaven where Jesus himself served her our very own Nine Days Queen tea!

Fact: Starting in the 1880s with Charlton & Co. "Earl Grey Tea" advertising spread an exaggerated tail of the 2nd Earl Grey. And in the in the early 1990s, Twinnings came up with a new story about the man's wife to sell their trademarked Lady Grey tea.

Fact: This tea is a blend of tea from China and Taiwan, contains natural flavor - and real smoke from fire.