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Master Yixing Pot

Price: $300.00
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Material: Yixing Clay
Process: Hand Crafted by Master

Part of our Yixing Master line.
Each pot in this series is hand crafted by an award winning Master Potter with Zi Ni "Purple" Yixing Clay. Available as created. Join our email list to know when our next batch comes in!

The Truth: For an item to be considered a true Yixing it must be made with clay from the town of Yixing in Jiangsu Province. The clay from this region is the most prized in all of China for it's ability to absorb the flavor of tea through use and grow more beautiful over time.

As with all unglazed pots, only one type of tea should be brewed in it throughout its life, and never washed with soap.

Dirty Lies: Buying a true Yixing pot in the West can be a crap-shoot. All too often people selling pots overseas will label anything red - brown as Yixing, completely disregarding the region & quality of clay as well as the expertise of potter that is necessary for a true Yixing. Imitation is so intertwined in these pots' history that in the late 17th century even European Delftware manufacturers started copying and pawning off "red teapots".