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Tea Master Club

$ 50.00 $ 40.00

To learn about tea you must experience tea. To learn about incredible tea you must experience incredible tea. The Tea Master's Club is the most educational and highest quality single origin tea subscription service available in North America. Over the months you'll become intimate with tea in it's many forms, putting you in the top 1% of informed tea drinkers in the continent.

Each Master Box includes 3 variations of one style of tea, which changes each month. Several pots worth of tea are provided for each variation, along with specific brewing instructions and a place to take notes as you familiarize yourself with the flavors. The educational insert teaches you information on the style, type and variations within. All of this, in one beautiful box.

SALE: A single Master Box is $50, but subscribe, learn and save so much more!
Paying Monthly: $40
Every 3 Months: $38 (5% OFF)
Every 6 Months: $36 (10% OFF)
Every 12 Months: $34 (15% OFF)

There is a lot of confusion in the tea world.
Be Educated. Be Refined.
Be a Master.