Tea Taster Club

Tea Taster Club

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- 1 Ink Sketch Tea Pouch, 3 Tea Variations, 3 Tea Packets, and up to 10 to 20 mugs of MIND-BLOWING tea a month! - 

Our Tea Taster Club let's you explore some of the world's most indulgent teas without breaking your bank. We've packed this beautiful tea pouch with higher quality tea than any other subscription, and adorn it with rotating ink drawings from local artists. The Tea Taster Club includes all the same tea selections of our Tea Taster Club in smaller quantities and less of the associated lore.

Each Tea Taster Pouch contains a unique flight of tea, focused on a different style every monthElegantly designed to showcase the range of flavors that style offers, explain ideal steeping instructions, and offer the details of each tea selection, including location, altitude, date picked, and other fun facts. There is no other way to taste so much incredible tea at this price range, period. 

Our Tea Clubs also make the perfect gift for just about anyone.
Gift 1 Month of Tea
Gift 6 Months of Tea
Gift 1 Year of Tea

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the Tea Clubs, and feel free to "Message Us" with any questions!