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The Tea Connection

$ 20.00

What: Tea Social
Where: The Center SF Tearoom in The Lower Haight, San Francisco
When: Every 1st Wednesday of the month, 7-9:30
Why: Because We Love You

Tickets: $25 at the door.
Discount tickets are not too limited.

- Immodestea Presents -
Tea is about connection - to yourself, to the world, and especially to your community. We're surrounded by super fun community!
Come to The Center for an Immodest takeover of the back room, where we'll drink tea, share stories, and enjoy our network of fun and fascinating people.

Things you'll find at The Tea Connection:
- Live Music
- Tea Tasting
- Games
- Lots of Cuddles (practice verbal consent!)
- Philosophy and other Mind Warping Conversation
- Friends you know, and Friends you haven't yet met
- Other Goodies (Tarot, Poetry, etc)

Doors at 7:00PM
Fun Until Doors Close
Tea included in admission price!

Very Important Note!
This is not a sexy event!
"Cuddles" means "non-sexual physical intimacy."